Friday, July 31, 2015

August Monthly Challenge - Where on the Planet are you Happiest?

Good Morning Everyone! I'm going to have to post the Monthly Challenge for August a day early because if you have not heard me squeal about it yet, I am going out west for a week and won't be back until August the 9th. So oh darn, you get to hear about the challenge a wee bit earlier...oh...darn! Hahaha!

August Monthly Challenge:
Where on this planet do you feel happiest? Draw it, place yourself in it and write about it.

Here is my interpretation above and below.  The way I see it, my heart is in two places, Out West and in The Blue Ridge Mountains. I have never lived out west but when I first went out there I just felt this strong connection pulling at my heart strings. 

This journal page represents that in it's sketchy, trying to figure it out, kind of layout. The mountians are brought forward in the girl as if to say the mountians are a part of me but she is standing in the desert. In these two places, I can't just pick and choose where I am most happiest, they are one in the same. 

I have a three part video series that I will publish when I get back from my trip. This way the August monthly challenge will be enjoyed just a little bit longer. Also it will allow you to hopefully be inspired throughout the month instead of everything being put upon you all at the once in the beginning of the month. 

In the video I talk all about my inspiration and thought process behind everything. I even give your a quick tutorial on how to draw my figure.

August 16th will be the publish date of those videos.

Now, in the challenge it says to put yourself in your happy place. I of course do not look like this particular woman in this sketch but it is how I feel when I am in these happy places of mine, strong and tall. So I have given you this sketch from my sketchbook that you are more than welcome to download and use in your challenge pages. If you are just not comfortable in drawing a figure yet, here is a free ticket to by pass that and use my sketch instead. 

Cut her out and color over top of her and embed her in your happy place if you too feel tall and strong and just would love to wear a cool victorian dress like that. 

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So this girl is going on an adventure! I'll bring back lots of photos and if I can convince my sister or brother to film me sketching some pretty landscapes and findings I'll post that process as well.

Hope you all have a blessed first week of August and I will talk to you all soon!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

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