Thursday, July 14, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project, July 14th | Topic 29 "Spirit"

Topic 29 | July 14th

Good Afternoon everyone, it is a late one today. I'm telling you I have been in a whirlwind here lately an now that I typed that word out, this page spread really makes perfect sense now. This week I have thought about renting an apartment with a friend from church, looked for another job, viewed an apartment, got the job, teach students, worshiped the Lord, worked hard at my day job, built a website for the lady I am apprenticing under, and I am a mess. I'm a complete whirlwind. That is why today's topic is late today because all these happenings had to take place today since its my day off. I LOVE all this busyness, but my art work istarting to fall slightly to the way side. More details on that later.  For now, lets jut enjoy this weeks topic. Spirit. 

If you remember me saying in all that mess of things Ive been up too, I have been working my the artist I apprentice for and she ha been showing me some of her spirit paintings. I've been so inspired  by her work it's unreal. Her colors are quite similar to the ones I'm using right now and I thought I might run with it.

 I'm running with the word spirit for two reasons, one because the artist I'm so inspired by calls her magnificent paintings "spirit paintings" and another reason is because the Holy Spirit has truly been at work in my life here lately. It's almost like it has blasted in my life like a whirlwind and so full of color and emotion. This page really represents that for me.

So all I started with was left over paint from my "aquiver" page last week, added underpaper and gesso around the form created above.

Here it is super hard to tell but it is just the finished look of the gesso around this entire form or spirit form.

Then I added some mark making with my multicolored pencils, ball point pen and white pen. I also added portions of my stamps to look like they where fading away in some sections.

This is going to have to be a quick one and hahaha, blow in and blow out kind of page spread today. So much to do in so little time as they always say. I think this page just sums up my life right now and it's funny how each week allows a visual for my emotions and how my week has gone so far. Overall I really enjoy this page with all it's energetic elements.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far and are looking forward to their weekend. Take care everyone and if I happen to forget something and you have questions, fill free to leave a comment below. I know this blow in blow out post might be a little scattered and hard to read but I'd love chat below. 

Happy Creating!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!



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